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SlideshowA Community Built in the Creator’s Image

As children of God, we are all created in the image of our Father. Mosaic Well seeks to celebrate our role as image-bearers, particularly as creators. You’ll find these expressions of the holy in the ordinary through art, music, dance and other methods to creatively express our worship and thanksgiving.

Mosaic Well began as an idea that sparked when three artists gathered in an East Side coffee shop. All Christians, they felt their spiritual lives were not being fed by the usual fare of sermons and Sunday school. Instead, they wanted an experience that invested that same sense of the holy that they poured into their own art. This idea later grew into the beautiful meeting place now known as Mosaic Well.

Creating a place of worship is an assignment that Simon and Sons Architects approached with awe. The result is a meeting place that creates a sense of reverence, welcomes the spirit of worship and lifts the heart in inspiration.

Now that you know more about us, please join us! We welcome you to be a part of our worship and other Christ-honoring creative activities.
This is a sample Thrive website created to highlight the Mosaic Well theme. Mosaic Well is not a real organization or church. Any similarities to an actual organization are happenstance.